Welcome to Our Family.

Mission - Minded | Community - Centered | Spirit - Led

Venture Youth is for all teenagers, grades 7-12. Our mission is to create a passionate, authentic, and welcoming community where students can seek, learn and grow deeper in their relationship with Jesus. It is also a place where students can develop genuine friendships with one another.

As a ministry we are passionate about:
... Introducing students to the love of Jesus.
... Helping students grow & live life “on mission.”
... Doing life together, because together we are stronger and better.
... Loving one another, which is our most powerful witness to the love of Jesus.
... Being Spirit led in our day-to-day decisions and witness of God's love to others.

What we do

Wednesday Nights

At Venture Youth we believe that when we gather together, we become a united expression of God’s love for all people. Our services (grades 7-12)  are held on Wednesday nights at 7pm at our Central campus in Mill Creek. Wednesday nights are geared toward our high school audience, however J-High students are welcome to join us. We have live worship, teaching, small groups to reflect, and time to respond.

Sunday Mornings

J-High happens on Sunday mornings during  the school year at the 10:30AM service. This gathering includes games, a short teaching, small group breakouts and A LOT of fun!


Early Spring Venture YTH hosts a convention just for youth in our community. This festival atmosphere includes gatherings, food, activities, gaming, and break out sessions on hot topic issues in culture.


We have individual events for both High School & J-High students. From summer camp, to "Love Our City" outreaches to movie nights and bonfires at the beach, we keep it creative for students. These fun events are advertised regularly on our Venture YTH Instagram.

Small Groups

At Venture Youth our small groups are called Create Groups.
Create Groups are focused on building strong relationships with Jesus and other students. At Create Groups we gather all together for focused prayer and then students choose a creative track based on their gifts and interests.