What's Next?

Whether you heard the message from Sunday or are part of one of our “what’s next” groups at Venture, here’s a way for you to go deeper.

this week's next steps

Saying “no” to the wrong things, to say “yes” to the right things

Building my team of Jethro’s

Memorize Exodus 18:24

Pray what I will give to One Day to Feed the World next week

this week's big 3

1. Scripture

Exodus 18

2. Idea

Saying “yes” to what is most important

3. Questions

1) Are there any areas of your life where you don’t feel like you are giving the time/energy they deserve (Ex: family, prayer, church, serving, career)?
2) What do you need to say “no” to in order to start saying “yes” to that area of your life?
3) Who is currently on your team?  Who are people in your life you can go to for wisdom and advice?  If you don’t currently have any one like that, can you think of people you could ask to be on your team?
4) What are you trusting in God for in your life?  What are you believing God for?

Additional Resources for "deeper focus"

Suggested Deeper Focus Study Resources:

Scripture Reading/ Meditation: 

Recommended Bible Translations: 
NIV - ESV - NLT - MSG - CJB | Bible Reading With Notes

This Week's Bible Reading Plan:

Extended Study Resources:

Exhaustive Resource List (charts, commentaries, overviews, dictionary articles, sermons, etc.):

Additional Reading:

Deeper Focus Study Questions:

1. What is the text trying to teach about God?
2. What is the text trying to teach about leadership?
3. What are the emotions, actions, and potential motivations of the characters in this section of text? (Moses, Jethro)
4. Do you see any parallels in your own life to the actions or situations of any of these characters?

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