What's Next?

Whether you heard the message from Sunday or are part of one of our “what’s next” groups at Venture, here’s a way for you to go deeper.

this week's next steps

Read Exodus 7-10 in preparation for next week

Memorize Exodus 6:6

Choose to trust through my discouragement

Take a step of obedience & believe for breakthrough in my situation

this week's big 3

1. Scripture

Exodus 6:2-8

2. Idea

Sometimes we have to remember who God has been in our past, to trust that the same God is with us in our present.

3. Questions

-  Does the way you trust God in difficult seasons, show that you trust God is in control of your life?  Or do you often find yourself trying to be the hero of your life?
- Are there things in your life, difficulties, discouragements, etc, that are making it difficult to trust in God’s plan/timing?
- What small step do you need to take today to trust that God is in control?

Additional Resources for "deeper focus"

Suggested Deeper Focus Study Resources:

Scripture Reading/ Meditation: 

Recommended Bible Translations: 
NIV - ESV - NLT - MSG - CJB | Bible Reading With Notes

This Week's Bible Reading Plan:

Extended Study Resources:

Exhaustive Resource List (charts, commentaries, overviews, dictionary articles, sermons, etc.):

Additional Reading:

Deeper Focus Study Questions:

1. What is a Pharaoh? What is expected of him politically and religiously in Egypt? How would Moses’s request threaten those roles?
2. What is Pharaoh’s first response to Moses’ request? Is it reasonable?
3. 5:3 is Moses’ answer to Pharaoh’s first response. Why did Moses respond this way?
4. Why does Pharaoh escalate so quickly in his second response? Why is it so forceful and cruel when he could have just said “No”?
5. In Chapter 6:2-3, what are the two names of God that He tells Moses? (see CJB translation)
6. Why do translators use Adonai, LORD, and Jehovah to represent the name “Yahweh”?
7. What is the importance of the genealogy right in the middle of chapter 6?
8. How old is Moses when he started his ministry?
9. What are the two goals of God performing “acts of judgment”? (7:5)
10. If the Israelites are the chosen people, why would God care about the Egyptian goal?

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