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Everyone has a story, and everyone’s story matters.

“Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have.”

- 1 Peter 3:15

Your stories are the best way to be prepared to explain the hope that you have. Telling our stories is one of the most simple and powerful ways to share who God is and why we put our faith in him. Whether it is the story of how you came to believe in Jesus, or a way that God has helped you grow; telling your stories will become easier with time and practice. Take the first step and share your story with us today.


One of the things I am most grateful for is that my daughter found her way back to God at Venture. She was very wary, but when she finally came in the doors everyone was so patient and kind, never pushing her and never giving up. Eventually her heart softened and she began to respond. Now she attends church with me, volunteers and she even got baptized!
I am also so thankful that when I had my surgery to remove a tumor in my head, my Venture family supported me, prayed with me and organized meals to help my family. I love my church and would highly recommend you come visit, I’m usually greeting at the front doors and would love to say hello!


I started coming to Venture Church back in 2015. I was looking for a church that was close to where I lived and worked. The fact that my sisters and their families attended was an added bonus. Once I walked in the doors, I knew I was home. I instantly felt connected to the staff and other volunteers. I’m a musician, so I got plugged in with the worship team and I also got plugged in with the youth ministry as a volunteer leader. You can find me on the stage playing guitar during weekend services and I also serve as a deacon at our Central campus. Venture is my home, my tribe, my people!


The summer of 2019 I was in a dark season of my life. I felt God nudging me to volunteer at VBS and the first day I met and strongly felt God's love through the staff and volunteers. As I grew closer to God, my problems didn't go away, but they became more bearable. I was invited to be part of Venture Worship and this introduced me to my closest friends who have shown me what it's like to walk with God. God also opened up my heart to go to Northwest University and study worship ministry. I hope God can use my story to show people that even in darker and uncertain situations He will show up in the most unexpected ways.

unsure what story to tell?

Any story that has to do with how God is speaking to you, shaping you, or changing you is a story worth telling.

Consider these questions:
What is something you experienced in your life that either helped or challenged your spiritual journey?
Was there ever a time you doubted God, or a time when you wanted more of God in your life? What did you do, and how did God respond?
Was there a particular event or experience that gave you a deeper understanding of who God is, or a deeper sense of who he made you to be? Explain that journey.
Has there been a specific way that God has blessed you, or a difficult season that you experienced His faithfulness?
Maybe you just got back from serving someone in your community or in another country; what did you learn about yourself, and what did you learn about God through that experience?

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“When we get together, I want to encourage you in your faith, but I also want to be encouraged by yours.”

- Romans 1:12