What's Next?

Whether you heard the message from Sunday or are part of one of our “What’s Next” groups at Venture, here’s a way for you to go deeper.

this week's next steps

Read 1 Corinthians 5
Memorize 1 Corinthians 4:20

I will begin praying for Easter at Venture

I will work on my judgment of others

Digesting this week's "big 3"

1. Big Scripture

2. Big Idea

Groups within the Corinthian church were not only aligning themselves with the names of leaders such as Paul and Apollos, but they were also developing an attitude of independence and pride among themselves. Paul confronted their selective and comfortable spiritual lives by explaining that people should be able to see Christ within those who serve Him.  He stresses that there shouldn’t be any division if they are all teaching the Word and only that. Division comes by not teaching the Word and by judging others. This holds true today. We shouldn’t put anyone on a pedestal since humans are flawed and we have to be careful in if/how we judge others. 

3. Big Questions

In what way did Paul encourage the Corinthian believers to imitate him?  How can you determine whether your service to God is Christ-centered or self-centered?

Further study


Questions to Consider:

1. Your abilities and talents are gifts from God. As you identify them and begin to use them, what should keep you from thinking that you are better than others?
2. What should you be willing to give up to serve Christ?
3. What is the potential danger in trying to achieve great things for God?
4. When God gives you success in various endeavors, how can you guard against pride?
5. When Paul addresses judgment is he saying we can NEVER judge others? What is the appropriate way to judge?

Recommended  Reading:

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