Young Adults

Who We Are

YA is the young adult ministry of Venture Church. Our mission is to be a regional hub for young adults to unite together and experience transformation; a place where YA’s can ask hard questions, encourage one another and passionately pursue Jesus.

The YA ministry of Venture is united, missional, passionate and hopeful.

To do this, we focus on the different “seasons of life” that make up a person’s YA journey, rather than simply focusing on how old a person is. We have built YA's around four seasons of life:

  • College Life: for those in the first four years out of high school, whether in college or not.
  • Young Professionals: for those removed from the college experience and pursuing a career.
  • Young Couples: for couples (married, engaged, seriously dating) looking to connect with other couples while building a strong relationship.
  • Young & Seasoned: for those looking to find community with other 30+ adults.

What We Do

  • Growth Groups: The best way to get connected is to plug-in to one of our YA Growth Groups. Here, friendships are built with others who are in a similar season of life and YA’s can ask hard questions, seek accountability and leave encouraged.
  • YA Nights: Every month, we host a YA night to bring our community together to just hang out and have fun. Follow our instagram page (@ourventureya) for details on upcoming events, how to register or where to meet.
  • YA Services: On the 3rd Sunday of each month we gather together for YA services. Come be a part of a passionate service that gathers YA’s from across our region to worship, grow and pray together. This is an environment where people of all seasons of YA life can come to be stretched and encouraged.

Contact Us

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