Born For This

We all want to be the most successful, the most talented, the strongest and the best at so many things. But what if who we were meant to be is who we already are? You were on purpose - to live and thrive in relationship with God. You were born for this.

Messages in this series

  • Born For This "Family

    Brandon Hart on 11/25/2018
  • Born For This "Integrity"

    Brandon Beals on 11/18/2018
  • Born For This "Change Your Mindset"

    Yvonne Grant on 11/11/2018
  • Born For This "Promise"

    Brandon Beals on 11/4/2018
  • Born For This "Share Your Faith"

    Brandon Beals on 10/28/2018
  • Born For This "How To Live A Visionary Life"

    Brandon Beals on 10/21/2018
  • Born For This "Week 2"

    Dan Hamann on 10/14/2018
  • Born For This - "Connecting With God"

    Brandon Beals on 10/7/2018