Her Choice to Heal

Who We Are:

What do 25% of American women have in common? They’ve had an abortion. Many are silent - filled with shame, grief and guilt; afraid of judgement and condemnation, but peace is attainable. Learn to surrender shame and find emotional and spiritual healing after an abortion.

What We Do:

  • Growth Groups: We reguarly offer growth groups designed specifically for those looking to surrender shame and find emotionl and spiritual healing after an abortion, even if it is years later. Visit our groups page and search for "Her Choice to Heal."
  • Support: We also offer support in group settings or one on one for those who are looking for hope from someone who has worked their way through abortion. Your privacy is of utmost concern, so please contact Lynn directly at the email or number below.

Contact Us

For more information, contact us at msqsm06@yahoo.com or 850-496-0746.